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lizard evolution virtual lab hhmi biointeractive - we have updated the lizard evolution virtual lab based on feedback from field testers over 50 classrooms the virtual lab includes four modules that, transgenic fly virtual lab hhmi biointeractive - summary the lab will familiarize you with the science and techniques used to make transgenic flies to study circadian rhythms start virtual lab, smartboard in the classroom eduscapes - engaging learners the smartboard way interactive whiteboards are gaining in popularity in schools smart technology is one of the most popular, ucsc genome browser news archives - thanks to hiram clawson chris lee and jairo navarro of the ucsc genome browser group for their work in creating and releasing these tracks jul 17 2018 decipher, ucsc genome browser news archives - 29 october 2014 genome browser in a box gbib sometimes you just want to keep your genomics data to yourself have you ever hesitated when uploading