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14 famous people who survived the 1918 flu pandemic - the disease ultimately infected some 500 million people and estimates put the death toll anywhere from 20 to 50 million, antarctica glossary of terms a h - antarctica glossary of terms a h a b c d e f g h i k l m n o p r s t u w z antarctic slang a ablation the removal of material from a glacier melting, what happened the last time antarctica melted - earlier this week an international team of geologists and climate scientists parked their ship off the coast of west antarctica and started drilling their mission to find out why glaciers here, how the nephilim survived the flood jason colavito - in the later book of jubilees 10 9 this blanket license to the dead giants is restricted to a smaller more manageable number god says let the tenth part of them remain before him satan and let nine parts descend into the place of condemnation, why does nearly every culture have a tradition of a global - where is the wise where is the scribe where is the disputer of this world hath not god made foolish the wisdom of this world i corinthians 1 20 one of the strongest evidences for the global flood which annihilated all people on earth except for noah and his family has been the ubiquitous presence of flood legends in the folklore of people groups from around the world, george washington gibbs jr defied danger and racism to - george washington gibbs jr defied danger and racism to become the first african american to visit antarctica he had bigger visions and would not be contained in a box his daughter says, 10 people who performed surgeries on themselves and - the thought of undergoing surgery is a nightmare to many even the fear is unparalleled of course there s the fear of death of dying on the table not to mention the fear of pain even with the use of anesthesia and other worries however there are some who have put these fears aside and, scholastic publishes literacy resources and children s - scholastic has been delivering literacy resources for kids and outstanding children s books to schools teachers and families for more than 90 years, how far can you fall and still survive mental floss - today s big question once upon a time ireland was connected to a larger landmass but that time was an ice age that kept the land far too chilly for cold blooded reptiles, 12 remarkable survival stories and what we should learn - these are true life survival stories told by the people who lived them and they are packed with real hard learned wisdom here are just a few of my favorite stories and the books that tell them and some of the lessons they can offer, russian tycoon nikolai glushkov who was strangled to death - russian tycoon nikolai glushkov who was strangled to death at his london home a week after the salisbury novichok poisoning survived an assassination attempt by two moscow hitmen police believe, politicians in australia australian politicians such as - amazing australian politicians lots of interesting politicians occupy parliament house in canberra and other state and local governments in australia, giant rotating ice disk in maine now equipped with webcam - the giant spinning ice disk in the presumpscot river near westbrook maine survived the weekend winter weather that pummeled new england and now has its own webcam, abuse by women religious nuns and sisters snap - for at least eight years victims of child molesting nuns and members of snap have repeatedly urged america s largest organization of nuns to expose the truth about child sex crimes and cover ups by women religious, 6 reasons new zealand women are the worst in the western - 2 they are sluts new zealand women are considered to be the most promiscuous in the entire world a survey by the condom maker durex has reported that kiwi women had an average of 20 4 sexual partners in their lifetime, shimano m540 spd bike pedals rei co op - i have recently become a semi avid cyclist was more of a casual rider before just got my first high end road bike and wanted to go all the way and get my first clipless pedals, sorel slimpack ii lace winter boots women s rei co op - i came across the redwood colored boots in store one day and fell in love beautiful color had to have them but they didn t have them in stock so i ordered them in my size 8 5 and they arrived a bit tight, culture music tv radio books film art dance - all the latest news reviews pictures and video on culture the arts and entertainment, it s raining mars interview with meteor scientist - planetary geologist meenakshi wadhwa uses martian meteorites to trace the history of our solar system on august 2 2017 wadhwa and colleagues were prospecting for volcanic rocks in the cooled lava fields of iceland after collecting some samples of basaltic rock which they hoped to use as a proxy, benjamin fulford reports antimatrix - note but before we begin looking at it first of all we repeat again and again do not blindly believe anything or merely take in on faith what is said here is just a particular way to look at things but it does not imply that you are forced to agree with anything said here or anywhere for that matter, 5 insane true stories that prove humans can survive - dc productions digital vision getty images douglas mawson was an australian scientist who at the beginning of the 20th century set out on a mission to explore antarctica an idea that has never worked out well for anybody wikipedia the 17th time s a charm come on boys, metro 2035 metro wiki fandom powered by wikia - metro 2035 russian 2035 is the sequel to metro 2033 set after metro 2034 it is the official continuation of artyom s story in the fictional universe of dmitry glukhovsky s metro franchise the novel was translated to polish by pawe podmiotko whilst j zsef goretity worked on the, the dark secrets of the bird world wait but why - 66 million years ago a large asteroid about six miles in diameter smashed into what is present day mexico it was the most unpleasant thing you can imagine for everyone here at the time and it ended up causing the extinction of over 75 of species including all the dinosaurs right it killed off, is autism an epidemic or are we just noticing more - any pediatrician can tell you that there are just plain lots more kids with asd than ever before and the condition not just the diagnosis is becoming more common, three ways to resource clients when anxiety is triggered - when a client struggles with emotional triggers finding ways to help them disrupt that automatic cycle of reactivity can be difficult but according to rick hanson phd there are three key practices that can help a client regain a sense of safety and calm especially when anxiety gets triggered, alexandria ocasio cortez says conservative groups are - just a reminder that the us overthrew the iranian government so that the uk could take their oil in the 1950s which created bp oil they did this by bribing all the newspapers and media in the area which announced fake news to the iranian people, article expired the japan times - the article you have been looking for has expired and is not longer available on our system this is due to newswire licensing terms, emperor penguins first journey to sea new details of - stephanie jenouvrier whoi biologist and coauthor of the paper holds a five month old emperor penguin chick in preparation to tag it during 2011 fieldwork in terre ad lie, marginal definition of marginal in english by oxford - the latter has not survived but it can be partially recreated from the marginal notes made on the text of the 1542 inventory it is worth making a marginal note of such matters as you go through because it may be that you may not be able to bring them to mind later on, tile definition of tile in english by oxford dictionaries - local limestone and red clay roof tile recall the older buildings but express modern construction methods rusted sheet metal asphaltic roofing old boards or slate tiles are other roofing alternatives, johann hari lost connections mad in america - dear auntie psychiatry hello i am genuinely confused as to how this writer could possibly be a threat to psychiatry when by insisting that every human experience under the sun is or causes a mental illness no quotes is not simply setting up million more kids to be handed over to them, the best gear for travel reviews by wirecutter a new - after researching 30 bags testing seven and flying across the country with two of them we think the tortuga outbreaker is the best carry on travel bag for travelers determined to never check luggage again it s easy to pack and cleverly organized and it s one of the most comfortable bags we ve ever traveled with thanks to its highly adjustable padded shoulder straps and waist harness, has arctic sea ice returned to normal skeptical science - discussions about the amount of sea ice in the arctic often confuse two very different measures of how much ice there is one measure is sea ice extent which as the name implies is a measure of coverage of the ocean where ice covers 15 or more of the surface it is a two dimensional measurement extent does not tell us how thick the ice is the other measure of arctic ice using all three