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the great flowing river a memoir of china from manchuria - heralded as a literary masterpiece and a best seller in the chinese speaking world the great flowing river is a personal account of the history of modern china and taiwan unlike any other in this eloquent autobiography the noted scholar writer and teacher chi pang yuan recounts her youth in mainland china and adulthood in taiwan, chinese civil war wikipedia - chinese civil war kuomintang communist civil war part of cross strait conflict and cold war from 1947 clockwise from the top communist troops at the battle of siping muslim soldiers of the nra mao zedong in the 1930s chiang kai shek inspecting soldiers ccp general su yu investigating the troops shortly before the menglianggu campaign, chinese civil war new world encyclopedia - the civil war carried on intermittently until the two sides were forced to form a temporary second united front in 1936 to resist the invasion of manchuria by japan after japan s defeat in world war ii by the allies in august 1945 the kmt and the cpc were unable to form a coalition chinese government and full scale civil war resumed in 1946 hostilities ended unofficially after 23 years in